GREENSTONE PHARMACEUTICAL HK, INC. seeks to integrate social responsibility into the heart of its operations. Because of this, KATINKO FOUNDATION was developed to give structure and priority to community development projects. FOUNDATION works with Got Heart Foundation Inc., Gawad Kalinga, several public schools and other organizations in the Philippines and elderly homes in Hong Kong to help alleviate the condition of underprivileged and marginalized communities.

Our staff in Hong Kong helped serve the elderly by giving-away products, entertaining them with fun games and activities, and by making them feel special through our elderly appreciation program.

Through its product, KATINKO Ointment, GSPHK also launched the Hilot Pinoy program, which was adopted from the government project – HILOT PINOY, which gives income to Hilot therapists.

Since Hilot therapy complements well the use of KATINKO Ointment as a reliever for pain, KATINKOBUHAYAN adopted the term Hilot massage and translated it to “HEALot” massage to provide an absolute meaning to the art of HEALot in our country. From there, the program evolved into different program packages to suit different organizations. Recently, GSPHK has again teamed-up with Got Heart Foundation to bring wellness among public school teachers by organizing therapeutic and rejuvenating KATINKO HEALot and Welllness Day for them.